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Get involved

Improving your home yourself

Managing your money

Safe communities 

Parking and garages

Ending your tenancy 


Get involved

If you are a tenant or a leaseholder and you want to be involved in shaping our services, please visit our 'Get involved' section. 


Improving your home yourself

Please visit our 'improving your home' section  

Manage your money

There are a number of useful links and contact details below, which will help you to manage your money and give you advice.

The Money Advice Service – www.moneyadviceservice.org.uk

Newark and Sherwood Citizens Advice Bureau - www.citizensadvice.org.uk/local/sherwood-newark/ 

Framework – 0800 066 5358

North Notts Advice Line – 0844 856 3411, Monday to Thursday: 10am to 2pm

National debtline - www.nationaldebtline.co.uk

Housing benefit – www.newark-sherwooddc.gov.uk/benefits/housingbenefit/, 01636 650000


Choose provide helpful guide covering various types of energy bill problems that people can face. The guide covers what to do when your bills are too high, you have an error with your bill amongst other issues. They also have a guide which details grants that can be available to those with utility bill debt

Safe communities

In an emergency please contact Nottinghamshire Police on 999 or your local Police station's non-emergency number on 101 (further details at www.nottinghamshire.police.uk)

We work in partnership with tenants, leaseholders, Newark and Sherwood District Council and the police to keep our communities safe. To report antisocial behaviour, hate crime or domestic abuse, please contact us.  For more information on anti-social behaviour please visit Newark and Sherwood District Council

Parking and garages

We manage garages, parking spaces and plots across Newark and Sherwood. If you wish to rent a garage, parking space or parking plot, please get in touch. Please note that we currently have a waiting list in some areas.

Ending your tenancy

Please make sure you inform us by giving at least 4 weeks’ notice in advance before you’re moving out. You can do this by completing an online form.

If you do not give proper notice you will continue to be liable for rent, even after you have left the property.

We will confirm the end of your tenancy with you and you will need to return your keys to us on or before the date the tenancy ends.

If you fail to leave your property clear and in a good condition you may be charges for the cost of any repairs, cleaning, clearing required at the property.

Payment of rent is required until the date of the end of your tenancy and you have left the property.